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Rethinking your 

SharePoint strategy?

There’s no question: SharePoint and Office 365 offer some great tools. But, the fact that you’re here means you’re looking for something more. Maybe it’s your communications or HR team, coming to you saying “it’s time to refresh the intranet” (again). It could be the latest migration to a new version finally pushed you over the edge (totally warranted). Or, if you’re like most companies coming to us, it’s because no matter how hard you try, people just aren’t using your SharePoint site. If you silently (and somberly) nodded in agreement to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

sharepoint in your igloo

Igloo is a modern intranet that works well with your existing SharePoint solution, but can also stand all on its own. Think of it as one central, secure place to store everything you need to do your work. Whether you’re driven by cost or you’re motivated to create a better user experience, we can help (and take the load off IT).

Does SharePoint leave you wanting more?

Igloo and SharePoint can co-exist.

You’ve already made a huge investment in SharePoint. As far as file storage and management, and custom workflows (using SharePoint lists) go, you’re happy with what you’ve got. But, if your company is still suffering from major breakdowns in communication, it’s time to consider a new arrangement (that won’t break the bank). Igloo can be implemented alongside your current Microsoft solutions. 

That means you can use SharePoint in the background to store and manage your documents, and keep your custom workflows (approval processes, vacation requests, etc.) in place, and use Igloo to simplify collaboration by creating an all-in-one destination for users. Combining your customized SharePoint solution with a modern intranet like Igloo is like having your cake, and eating it too. 

Moving online with Office 365?

You can integrate your Office apps right into your Igloo.

You love Microsoft products (you’re not alone), but, your on-premises SharePoint site isn’t quite living up to your expectations. You’re using it more as a glorified file storage solution than single collaboration destination. You could activate SharePoint Online, but the battle scars from your on-premises implementation are still fresh and you already know what a huge undertaking that would be. Sound familiar? You need a modern intranet, like Igloo.

Igloo plays nice with Microsoft solutions, making it easy to integrate your calendar, file sharing system, and messaging apps within your modern intranet. It also works better with non-Microsoft solutions (like Google Apps and Salesforce), so you can gather all your workplace tools and conversations together to create a common place for people to collaborate and communicate (productivity will soar).

Looking for a SharePoint alternative?

Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like.

You poured your heart and soul (not to mention countless IT hours) into it, and still… no one is using your SharePoint site. It’s not your fault. Chances are, you implemented SharePoint with the best of intentions. But, that’s the thing about collaboration tools – you can’t really force them on people, they have to want to use them. And, let’s be real here: putting an overlay on your existing SharePoint site is just a pretty way to disguise what’s hiding underneath (hint: it’s still SharePoint).

Igloo is a modern intranet that people love to use. With familiar tools like blogs, news feeds, and forums, it makes file sharing, and collaboration simple so users can spend less time searching and more time getting things done. Igloo is a standalone solution that provides the true intranet experience you’re looking for. Our SaaS model ensures you’ll automatically receive new releases on a regular basis (without involving IT). Plus, because it’s 100% cloud hosted, there are no servers to maintain and you’ll never have to worry about upgrades again. Ever.


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