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So, you want a modern intranet? 

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Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like. And, it's dead simple to use.

It's a place where content and conversations can finally live together. Your people, your knowledge, your culture – in one destination. It's where you log on in the morning, and where you spend your day.

Simply put, it's where people go to work.

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With Igloo, you're in good company

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Igloo makes collaboration simple

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The next generation of business

Share files, coordinate calendars, provide status updates, and manage projects with ease. Igloo is not your traditional intranet. It's communication and collaboration, all souped up. 

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Access your information everywhere

Make a change on desktop? It shows up on mobile – instantly. Responsive design means your Igloo will look great and work on every device. Stay in touch and keep projects moving, wherever your work takes you.

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Make it work for you

Igloo looks great out of the box, but it's also easy to rearrange. Whether your company is divided by teams, departments, projects, or locations, you can bend Igloo to your will.

Sonia Husband, Digital Marketing Manager at ActiveHealth Management

"We have a 98% usage rate and employee productivity has risen 25%. We’ve truly created a place where everyone knows where to go to establish processes and identify knowledge gaps."

An intranet your IT department will love

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Launch and go

You can get started in minutes. No upgrades, no patches, and no maintenance. Speed up the process with an intranet that can be used, configured, and managed by even the most non-technical user.

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Your Igloo, your apps, your way

Continue using your other tools, like SharePoint or Salesforce, within your intranet. Pre-packaged integrations, open, REST-based APIs, and a framework for building your own widgets means you won’t need to waste your existing IT investments.

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Protect your data

Synchronize authentication and user management with an external identity provider or internal directory service like Active Directory, define specific roles, access and permissions, all in a secure Tier 3 data center. Only the appropriate people will have access to authorized content.

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