1. When a new version of OS X comes out, assume your enterprise software will work

Igloo is a cloud-based SaaS intranet platform. It's securely delivered in the web browser and we support the latest versions of most modern browsers. Upgrading OS X? No problem.

We're constantly testing our platform in the latest browser builds, with official support for the two most recent versions of Safari, Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer. This includes Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android devices (Igloo is fully responsive).

And just for John: Flash is optional and there are zero Java apps required.

2. You will be able to get the software you need

Igloo is designed to balance the needs of IT controlling everything, and people needing to get work done, quickly, in a way that makes sense for them. You have the corporate area set up by IT, HR and/or Marketing. But each team (or project) has its own space, users can set it up however they want: whether that's multiple blogs, calendars, folders, forums, microblogs and wikis. Or they can just use wikis. The choice is theirs.

Teams can design the layout of their space easily, editing pages with simple drag-and-drop widgets. No need for IT approvals, tickets, or pre-configured downloads.

3. What works in the rest of the world, actually works in your Igloo

Igloo is built to power the business world, but we learned from what works in the consumer world. Everything acts the way you expect it to, and it really lowers the learning curve for non-technical staff. Want to share some news? Write a blog post. Want to share a document? Drag it into your browser. Want to reply to a comment notification? Simply reply to the notification email.

Everything is social, so you can comment on documents, rate blog posts, mark forums as resolved (and the post(s) marked as the answer pops to the top of the page).

And yes, resetting your password happens instantly (unless you're using enterprise authentication like LDAP or SAML instead of an Igloo ID).

4. Sometimes, despite all the terrible things that are terrible about enterprise software, it's at least partially your fault (but we'll help you fix it)

Humans make mistakes, things go wrong, and sometimes you miss reading tiny labels warning of service contracts. You shouldn't be punished for that.

That's why we offer exceptional customer service, a free Customer Care community, helpful blog posts, and a Services team that's here to help you design, build, and maintain your intranet.

It's better inside the Igloo

Get past inertia
A social intranet like Igloo helps get past organizational inertia by giving people a venue to share their ideas and ownership over their workspace.

Familiar tools like blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, microblogs, and wikis, your team will get on board in no time.

Not sure how to use blogs in a business context? Download our How the $#!% do I use social business apps poster (PDF).

We care about the end user
We say Igloo is an intranet you'll actually like and we mean it. We focus on making software for people, not for corporate buyers (but we make them happy, too).

We make sure your business needs match our software with every interaction we have, whether you're talking to someone in Sales, Services or Support.

And we use our own software to run our company. This website is built on the Igloo platform.

We're here for you
We offer full-service, in-house consulting and design services - both during your initial project launch and after. We've seen what works, what doesn't, and we know how to get the right people in your organization to provide feedback (yes, that means talking to the people who will be using your Igloo).

And you can still get support from our Customer Care site, even without an enterprise contract. Did we mention our Customer Care site runs on Igloo, too?

The needs of the enterprise are intact
Igloo is hosted in a SSAE16, SOCS Type II compliant hosting facility and delivered securely in the browser with SSL. You can integrate with your existing enterprise authentication system, like LDAP, or with a third party SAML provider. Audit controls, data retention and archiving are built-in. And with built-in social analytics, you have detailed reports specific to your intranet.

Collaboration doesn't have to be craziness.

Watch our Sandwich Videos and save yourself from SharePoint.

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Igloo: An intranet you'll actually like

Really. Igloo is made by polite Canadians. We're harder to hate than Casey Liss.

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