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By April 3, 2012
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Jill Duffy, software analyst for, previews IGLOO Software in her latest review.

IGLOO Software (from $4 per month per user; prices vary) is a social business platform hosted in the cloud, designed to help companies put in place new communication and collaboration tools for employees. It offers a suite of enterprise-level tools for various departments, but in particular: sales, marketing, and corporate.

A lot of the component parts of IGLOO Software resemble sites and services that people already use in their free time, such as Facebook and Twitter. Concepts like status updates, direct messages, public messages, and other features will be familiar to most people without requiring much training. A new microblogging application, for example, offers a "stream" of communication that will be familiar to anyone who has used Twitter. IGLOO provides context by integrating conversations directly into a user's collaborative workflow, so for example, the Twitter-like conversations appear inside the company's social intranet rather than in a discreet website or program. Wikis and forums can be added to an organization's IGLOO rollout as well.

Read the full article here.


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