IT in Canada - Social Media And Collaboration: Ask Not 'Why?' But 'How?'

By May 14, 2012
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Though organizations now understand what social media is, they still struggle with leveraging the technology for improved collaboration. IT in Canada Writer, Stefan Dubowski, features Igloo in his latest piece where he discusses how organizations are beginning to tie social business to their corporate goals.

It wasn't all that long ago - perhaps only a year or two - that organizations began to think that social media just might have a role to play in enterprise collaboration. But of course, in technology time, a year or two is an eon. Now businesses are well past asking, "What is social media?" and they're deep into the more challenging (and wide-ranging) question: How do I use it?

How will social media impact the business? How do we get started? Now that we have begun, how do we measure the impact of the technology? How are our employees using it? How are our competitors using it?

Discussions with social-media observers (see sidebar interviews with Greg Schiltroth, Andrew Dixon and Mark Kovarski below) reveal that organizations in 2012 and beyond will tackle those 'how' questions as they aim to integrate social media into their business processes, all in the name of improved information sharing, better business insight - and ultimately a leg up on the competition in whatever sector they happen to operate in.

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Great perspective on social business software by IT in Canada. The contributors did a great job describing the business value!!

A thorough perspective, indeed. I'd argue, though, that the implementation of a collaboration software internal, i.e. social business, requires an organization to determine the mindset on its floors - that social business, when rolled out, implies an additional layer of work can dissuade users. Perhaps, penning social business as policy may script the solution - but making, effectively, social business into an ingredient without which a business loses punch will surely spell success.

Great post, though! Loved the 3 perspectives. It has been tweeted on O3atORION.

Nice insight Ali. If you don't look at culture and change management in your implementation - you are doomed to fail. At Igloo, we are rolling out our Intranet Playbook this year along with our new networked enterprise model - allowing companies to have many interconnected intranets within on corporate network.

Stay tuned!!

Thanks, Dan.

Indeed, the connections & interconnections need to simply & effectively charted. The Playbook, I expect, will stem from this.

Refer the above - along with collaboration, a culture of competence, connectivity and cost reduction is an ideal. Of course, our O3 implementation suggests that connectivity is a 24-7 right - and, while this may defer many, the individual competence can result in the tool being a success in our affective lives. The cost reduction, of course, is a no brainer ;).

Will be looking forward to the Playbook.

Have a great long weekend!


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