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By May 17, 2012
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To effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues does not require a company to invest in a ton of money. CMSWire investigates the social software vendor space and realizes that many intranet vendors, including Igloo Software, offer a quality product for the fraction of the price than that of a large software vendor . With such a wide variety of intranet vendors, Prescient Digital Media CEO and Founder Toby Ward states "only a fool would spend more money than necessary."

You don't have to spend a fortune to have a great intranet.

SharePoint, WebSphere, Autonomy and other big-name, big-price solutions are rarely the right answer for most organizations. In fact, if SharePoint is being used at 75 percent of organizations, why should it work for your organization? Is your organization not unique, with unique employee needs, business requirements and information needs?

There is a reason why there are thousands of other intranet solutions: they cost less, and they work.

Now, I'm not suggesting that all solutions are created equal and work for all organizations, to the contrary. Most solutions however exist for a reason, and serve a purpose or niche market that is not being fulfilled by other market solutions. And, sometimes you get what you pay for, but what you pay need not be a king's ransom.

Technology Market

Consider there are six broad solutions categories that comprise the intranet technology platform market:

  • Web content management (e.g. Elcom)
  • Enterprise content management (e.g. Alfresco)
  • Social media (e.g. IGLOO)
  • Search (e.g. Autonomy)
  • Portal (e.g. SharePoint)
  • Hybrid (e.g. Intranet Connections)

Within each category are many different niches and solutions sets (and in some categories, such as web content management, dozens of different subcategories with hundreds if not thousands of solutions) that focus on different industries, functional sets and technology integration (e.g. .NET versus Java).

Each category and subcategory serves a purpose or a type of client or client needs, and therefore exists for a reason. Therefore, why would you automatically choose SharePoint or Lotus Connections when there are thousands of solutions to consider? The answer: only a fool would spend more money than necessary.

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This is a very insightful article - the message is clear "one intranet shoe" doesn't fit everyone.

Another detailed, and necessary, post. I will surely share this with the o3 network.

I'd submit to you, further, that the planning process needs to be more cohesively understood - while creating a plan for intranet implementation is paramount, a plan for this plan itself is just as equally important. What questions should one ask? What can and cannot be done? Measures of success? Et al.

One size, indeed, does not fit all.

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