Awards, keep ’em coming

By Igloo Software - March 27, 2015

5 years in a row on the list of 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management. We’re really proud, so we’ll give it to you how it is right now.


For the 5th year in a row, we’ve been listed in the 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management by KMWorld. It’s a niche award but one we’ve always taken a lot of pride in.

Of course a lot of people don’t even know what it means to manage knowledge, even though it’s something they rely on every day. Formally, knowledge management is about capturing and repurposing the collective wisdom of the company. In practice, it’s about learning from past experience, preventing valuable information from walking out the door when an employee leaves.

It’s something a lot of people claim to do, and do badly. Most of the time, it’s because it’s an afterthought. Knowledge management applications, in their original form, failed because they were disconnected from the natural way in which we work. While enterprise social networks have stumbled because they make it far easier to share information, but lack any semblance of structure.

Knowledge work at its base is about making sure everyone has the required information to do their job. If you’re constantly sending all staff emails, having discovery meetings and walking over to someone’s desk, all in order to find information, I’m sorry, but you’re just wasting time. We want to empower people, to allow them to be valuable members of a workforce from day one. Not 6 months later once they’ve figured out the file architecture on the server. To us, that is a ridiculous concept, and it has to stop.

It could be better.

The solution is in a combination of old and new. That’s what we do. It’s about taking two divisive concepts like social and structure and bringing them together in harmony. Social technologies make it far easier for people to self-organize and share information, structure makes that information relevant and manageable for your people.

We do all that, and we wrap it in an easy to understand user interface. The core of our offering has always been ease of use, because your job is already hard enough, you shouldn’t have to fight to get to it. We don’t want people to wonder, we want them to know that the information is going to be available when they need it.

So here’s to us. Yeah we’re tooting our own horn over here, but after being 5 years on a list that makes us so proud, we deserve to do it a little bit. So we matter in knowledge management, and we think knowledge management matters. It’s a thing that’s too easily forgotten, but you know what? It’s probably what is hindering your business, right now. Why don’t you give us a call sometime? We’ll gladly show you what your work could be like.