Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Work? Get the Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation

By Adam Stephens - September 9, 2017

Are you struggling with how to re-wire your workplace in light of a failed intranet? Or are you just beginning to think about the whole concept of the digital workplace and how it might apply to your organization? Either way, you’ve likely read and heard a lot about the benefits of digital transformation. You’ve probably also figured out that it’s a complex undertaking that doesn’t happen overnight.



If you’re overwhelmed and unsure about how or where to start, you’re not alone. Companies of all sizes in almost all industries today are trying to chart this path. Igloo’s cloud-based platform supports over 10,000 digital workplaces in over 80 countries, so we get digital workplace transformation.

That’s why we’ve created a new, comprehensive guide to the digital workplace. And you’re in luck, because this blog post is the first place we’re announcing its release. The guide covers everything you need to know about digital transformation, from the big-picture issues driving change in the workplace to the nuts-and-bolts of how to create a compelling digital workplace that your employees will love.

Get your feet wet before you dive in
Building a digital workplace that’s going to deliver value for your organization requires some initial groundwork. It may be tempting to rush into a large-scale digital workplace initiative in an effort to “catch up” and start reaping the benefits, but it’s easy to take a wrong turn on the path to digital transformation. And those mistakes can cost time and money.

Instead, take your time and do your research. Talk to people inside and outside your industry who have been involved in creating a digital workplace. Go to digital workplace conferences like ICE and consume every authoritative resource you can.

In Igloo’s new guide, we’ve done much of the heavy lifting for you by compiling the latest research and distilling our deep experience in the field. To start, you’ll learn:

  • The 4 forces that are transforming the nature of work today, and how digital workplace solutions can help your company not only accommodate the changes, but profit from them
  • Where your company sits in the 4 stages of digital transformation
  • The 5 key characteristics of the digital workplace

Starting your digital transformation journey
Once you have a good grip on the why, what, and where of digital transformation, you need to take a hard look at how. The guide describes the 3 crucial foundations that must be in place to deliver a successful digital workplace. These foundations help your company shed its traditional modes of thinking about what a workplace should be, and come up with a concrete vision, roadmap, and set of rules for a new way of working.

You’ll also learn about why every digital workplace is based around a destination, or hub, that inspires employees to start their day there – and return throughout the day to get work done. The guide lays out the 6 keys to building an engaging digital workplace, which ensure your destination drives efficiency, reduces employee frustration, prevents data duplication, and promotes better decision-making.

(Sneak peek: The information architecture can make or break your site.)

Ready to see the real thing? Download The Ultimate Guide to Today’s Unified Digital Workplace now.

Be sure to check out our blog next week when we review how digital workplaces can solve specific business challenges (like onboarding new employees), how to make your digital workplace mobile-ready, how best to encourage employee buy in, and more.