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Collaboration doesn't have to be craziness.

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Is Igloo for me?

I'm at a large business

Over 250 employees

Just my team
Igloo is great for team collaboration. Start free with ten users and upgrade when it makes sense.

Igloo was built for the enterprise. You can start with a trial, but we recommend you try an Igloo proof of concept.

This will showcase your vision (and work out if Igloo fits your needs). We can have a POC running in as little as two weeks.

Volume pricing is available.

I'm at a medium business

50 to 250 employees

You're going to love Igloo. We suggest booking a demo to make the most of your experience.

We're affordable for your whole office, and once you get settled in, a lightweight Jumpstart package will get your Igloo optimized for your business.

We're a not for profit
Contact our sales team to learn more about pricing for NFP/NGO and academic clients.

We're a small business

Less than 50 employees

Start your Igloo free with up to ten people, and as you grow Igloo is only $12 per user per month.

I'm a developer
We love you. Email us once you've signed up and we'll give you API access to help you build on the Igloo platform.

I have questions!

How do I get started?

Sign up with the handy form above and you'll get your Igloo right away. Having trouble? Just send us an email.

How do I pay for Igloo?

We'll prepare a 1-year service agreement with you, payable annually.

Discounts are available with 2- or 3-year contracts.

Where do I get help?

Your Igloo sales representative is available for you during your trial. We also have some getting started guides available on our Support Community.

I'd like a demo

We'd love to show you around. If you haven't signed up yet, there's a handy checkbox on step 3.

If you missed it, just send us an email.

I need more users or time

Not a problem. Contact your sales rep and we can extend your trial or upgrade your user limit.

I'm not in charge here

That's okay! You can still try Igloo - in fact, it might make for a good demo with the people in charge. Don't forget to send them our white papers.

How do I configure Igloo for my business?

We have a handy tutorial built into your Igloo, but we recommend a quick chat your sales representative to learn the basics of your Igloo.

For paid customers, we offer Jumpstart packages to help get you up and running. This includes consulting, setting up your Igloo's structure, design and implementation - including any customizations you might need, like LDAP integration.

You can also use Jumpstart hours for training.

None of those were my question!

We're happy to help, just send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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