Roderick on the Line

Oh, hi there.
You must like John. That's so sweet.
You must have a cautious respect for grackles starlings ravens crows.

Or clothing. (or both?)
So (erm...) We're Igloo. Hi.

We're trying to make work not suck. We want to help you share content and have conversations with your team, in a single, beautiful, albeit somewhat buzzword-laden tool. You know, it's social. Like a 16-year old John with a beer bottle. As you do.

Trying to do what you love but losing the battle with your inbox? Do you spend more time in meetings than working? Are you muttering profanity under your breath every time your boss walks by? Stick it to the man (which may be yourself) with a better intranet.

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We think we can help you to find your duck.

Whether it's corporate communications or planning your world tour, getting people to get things done or doing them your damned self, Igloo makes that process a bit better by making it easier to communicate with everyone involved. Knowing is half the battle.

We want you to be you, whether your standing desk is a keyboard or a modified IKEA Vika™ table. Either way, you're communicating with other people. Sharing is caring.

Igloo adapts to your workflow. Turn whatever you need on, or turn it off. Share with some people, not with others. It's all in your hands. It's totally granular, man. (We have a great Professional Services team who can teach you all about this when you sign up).

We want you. At minimum, we want your money (Lola's gotta eat). And if you're fancy, we want your logo on our website. Just saying.

We're actually pretty affordable. For up to 25 people, it's just $99 per month. You get the full platform. Got an enterprise? Need to plan your Brony convention? We scale like a fat man with a doughnut. Just check out our client list.

So sign up and keep Uncle Lickey at bay. You'll like Igloo, and you'll help keep John alive for at least one more birthday.

This bag's packed with everything you need (free for 30 days).


What happens when I sign up?
We'll call you to discuss your business needs and give you a product tour
If you like what you see, we'll set up a fully customized solution you can use without restrictions, free for 30 days
After your trial, we'll help get Igloo implemented throughout your organization

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