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It's time for an intranet you'll actually like.

Legacy software (like SharePoint) doesn't work well in a modern context. You spend more time trying to make it work instead of doing work. Igloo has everything from content management to social tools built-in.

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Modern, friendly tools for the enterprise? It's true.

If SharePoint and Facebook had a baby, it would look a lot like Igloo. But we only have the good genes. We're a bit like a content management system on steroids - all the configuration, skinning, and IT buzzwords you want, but with social tools fully integrated.

With great power comes great usability

In control
As designers and developers, we love control. Every last pixel and line of code needs our seal of approval. But we don't scale, and other people need to write, review, edit and create content with us, and on our sites.

In balance
Igloo provides that balance: a 100% white label front-end, custom CSS, JavaScript and HTML can be added on any page, but there's also a WYSIWYG editor and app-based content creation and management system for non-technical users.

Inside our own Igloo
This website is built using Igloo. We code our HTML widgets with a custom grid, CSS (excuse our poor markup, we're busy!) and fun little JavaScript things (like the tabs below or video above). Our team of copywriting ninjas write and edit in context with the finished layout - without breaking our custom design. And they never have to see a line of code.

  • You write this
  • They edit that







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Igloo blogs are great for sharing updates, product news, and corporate articles - like sharing with the team about your record quarter. Our blogs feature a WYSIWYG editor, summaries, in-line images and attachments, comments, ratings and more.



Igloo has best-in-class shared calendars built right into your intranet. Create as many calendars as you'd like. Your events can be shared outside your Igloo (or even made in Outlook). Every event has social features like comments, attachments and the ability to add related content - even on recurring events.



Igloo makes document storage and collaboration easy, with built-in version control, document preview, ratings, labels and more. And with WebDAV you can use your Igloo like a shared drive.



Have discussions, share ideas, or talk about issues with forums. Our forums allow you to like ideas, upvote responses, and mark posts as resolutions.



Bring Twitter-like functionality to your internal team. Microblogs are great for quick updates, sharing cool links and asking questions. With multiple microblog channels and @mentions, you're able to filter your message to one or more audiences.



It's easier to document your process with wikis. With version control and compare, moderation, labels and the ability to export articles as a PDF.

Design it

Igloo is 100% white-label. You can customize anything and everything. We also have a responsive design package. You can build a fully responsive Igloo: from Zeldman-sized fonts on TVs to fluid desktop layouts (with adaptive menus) to tablet and phone-sized beauties.

You bring the style (and the TypeKit license), we'll take care of the widgets.

Build it

Igloo has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Setting up pages, groups, or even configuring your site navigation is easy. You also have full control over CSS - site-wide, or add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript on any page.

This whole website is actually built on Igloo.

Let them go wild

Your customizations are protected. JavaScript is safely hidden in the "advanced" tab on each page. CSS too. Our WYSIWYG editor respects your design choices.

So if you're creating an intranet, a customer support community or an industry social network, the people who use your Igloo won't break it just by trying add a cat photo to their blog post. We've also turned off Comic Sans.

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I'm not in charge of the platform choices!

That's okay! If you're not in charge, or don't want to rock the boat too much, we have some wonderful studies and whitepapers you can send to whichever department makes these decisions in a far away land. If only you had Twitter-like microblogs to share this link with your team. *Sigh*

And if you still want to try Igloo, feel free to sign up.

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