Social apps that mean business

It's like having your own secure, private version of Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox designed for your business - no oversharing.

It's putting social ideas to work.

We took the things that you love about social media and designed them for business: ease of use, fast ways to share content and great ways to stay updated on what's happening. By using these consumer concepts in a business context, we've created a powerful but enjoyable intranet experience. It works with your existing business structure and helps you become a more collaborative business.


Your Igloo starts with our built-in apps: blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, microblogs, tasks and wikis. You can use them together, or only the ones you need. Your team will love it and IT can rest easy knowing your data is in one secure location instead of spread across multiple consumer-grade applications.


Start building your Igloo today - it's free to use with up to ten people.

Why use social apps at work?

They're for communication

Social apps are built to communicate and each one has its purpose. Igloo's powerful, channel-based system allows you to create multiple instances of each app - like a blog for corporate news, and a private blog to share marketing reports.

You can even group apps together into private team rooms, giving every department a home inside your Igloo.

We already use them

If your staff uses social media apps at home - like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox and Wikipedia - then they'll know how to use Igloo.

The interface is easy to use, friendly and builds off existing experiences your users have. Things like activity streams, comments, ratings and the ability to like posts make for easy and natural interactions. It's all built-in.

They're built for business

Unlike consumer-grade tools, Igloo was designed for business from the start. We're a cloud solution securely hosted in CenturyLink data centers.

Because we're designed for business, we can integrate with your existing authentication systems and security protocols, offer granular permission controls and audit trails. Every aspect is designed to scale.

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